Vycious Inc.

Photography and T-shirt design based upon a Pin-Up and New Age cocktail! Our Mission is to expand the mind of others using visual stimulation. Photography is our thing; Major t-shirts to come!

Also we track the tag: vyciouslove
if you ever want us to see anything from you guys.

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Mason Idgie Kate Von Strange Sam Janae Savvy Sailor Wayne
Anonymous asked: where's the pin up part? what's the girl in red plaids name tho


we do pinup-cocktail which is pinup with a twist. we are trying to reach all sorts of people with our photos. 

Anonymous asked: savvy sailor is really fucking hawt!!!


Well, Savvy Sailor no longer works for Vycious Inc due to personal issues. 

thegypsypacifist asked: Hey! Great Blog!!!! So, I always send new followers a random question! What kind of music do you listen to? & Thanks for following!! :)


awe thanks!!!! and well everyone listens to rap/hiphop or metal/punk to psychobilly/rockabilly. we listen to all sorts of things!

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